We have heard that what happens at CES in Las Vegas. The new mobile phone technology 4G stole the show at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Here is an outline of 4G technology and what it manner to you.

What is 4G?
4G is the latest standard in wireless mobile telephony. It is the successor to 2G and 3G. In each case, the “G” is “generation.” 4G mobile generation have download speeds of up to ten times faster than 3G phones.

What is good about this?
With 4G phones, fixed customers and pedestrians can be expecting obtain speeds of 1 gigabit consistent with 2d. Passengers on trains and in automobiles can experience obtain speeds up to 100 megabits consistent with 2d.These rules of transmission means that the ultra-fast Internet access can be enjoyed via mobile broadband. Depending on your phone, you can use features like video chat, HDTV on mobile, IP telephony, and peer-to-peer games.

Best 4G phones at CES
Motorola, Samsung and LG are among the manufacturers who developed the 4G phones and tablets at CES this year. Here are some of their new models.

1. The Motorola Atrix 4G won the award for Best of CES 2011. Powered by Android 2.2 (Froyo), Atrix is Motorola’s first smartphone with dual-core processing, and sets a new standard for speed of loading web page and graphics processing. This Android cellphone features a Firefox browser improve and word processing. the huge screen with better solution in its elegance, plus an entire keyboard.

2. The Samsung infuse is the latest addition to the family of Samsung Galaxy S smartphones. It features a 4.5 inch touch screen display, one of the largest in the market. The extra-sharp show is specially designed to reduce glare outdoors. This telephone also features cameras and video conferencing. it is especially provided to give a boost to fb, Picasa, and Twitter. Infuse runs on Android 2.2.

3. LG made the a number of the client Electronics show with the launch in their first pill. The LG G-Slate tablet is amazing for its integration with the Google Maps five.0, Google talk, Google Books, and more. It’s powered through Android three.0 (Honeycomb), an OS designed specifically for pills.

The verdict
There is no doubt that 4G is the new industry standard by 2011. At year’s end, the video telephone, telephone to television technology, 4G and other benefits could only be assumed