The Internet of Things now has a gun

We’ve talked plenty about how the Internet of Things has become the biggest category at CES — a broad descriptor that basically means “everything is connected.” Sometimes that’s a flowerpot. One day it might be chairs. The Internet of Things’s logical conclusion is The Internet of Everything. And that includes guns. TrackingPoint is an Austin […]

CES 2015: Warning over data grabbed by smart gadgets

A “deeply personal” picture of every consumer could be grabbed by futuristic smart gadgets, the chair of the US Federal Trade Commission has warned. Speaking at CES, Edith Ramirez said a future full of smart gadgets that watch what we do posed a threat to privacy. The collated data could create a false impression if given […]

Wi-Fi 802.11ac to drive wireless HD video in the home

Streaming high-definition video wirelessly throughout your home will be a major benefit of Wi-Fi 802.11ac in the next few years, says NPD In-Stat. Expected to receive final approval by the IEEE toward the end of this year, 802.11ac will boast several improvements over 802.11n. The new wireless flavor will offer speeds surpassing 1 gigabit per […]

New Intel chip takes fast jabs at iPhone, Galaxy Nexus

Intel’s new chip for phones is surprising in many respects, but the biggest shocker is speed. The “Medfield” Atom Z2460 chip for smartphones, announced at CES, handily beats some of the fastest phones on the market, review site Anandtech said in this post. Is this fast enough to be smartphone-market disruptive? Will battery life measure […]

Intel smartphone chip No. 1 in some benchmarks, says report

Intel’s new chip for smartphones handily beats some of the fastest phones on the market, according to chip review site Anandtech. Intel’s Atom Z2460 “Medfield” delivers “tablet-like scores” on the BrowserMark benchmark, wrote Anand Shimpi. “The Galaxy Nexus running ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich) comes close, but once again Intel expects that on the same OS […]

T-Mobile expands 4G network and services, announces Galaxy S Blaze 4G

As a long time T-Mobile customer I have a lot of interest in their future and services so I spent some time with them at the CES. I was encouraged by their expanding 4G network, Bobsled Messaging and Calling expansion, free service practices, and the new Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G. Expansing 4G network T-Mobile […]

Smartphones with Intel Chips Debut at CES

At the end of last year, Intel showed Technology Review prototypes of chips that it said that it said would help it enter the rapidly growing market for phones and tablets. Today, at CES, Motorola and Lenovo announced that they would start selling smart phones with Intel chips inside this year. The news got here […]

The 4G mobile technology, Connectivity, Features and new launches

We have heard that what happens at CES in Las Vegas. The new mobile phone technology 4G stole the show at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Here is an outline of 4G technology and what it manner to you. What is 4G? 4G is the latest standard in wireless mobile telephony. It is the […]