Premium (DIA) Dedicated Internet Access

Engage customers more effectively, while helping your workers and machines increase availability connected. Sling Broadband’s Managed Internet Service provides the reliability, scalability, and performance to support your enterprise Internet connectivity requirements.


Stream, download, upload, share, connect faster than ever before with Sling Broadband® dedicated internet access.


Share your photos and videos faster. Upload 200 pictures in less than two minutes.


FiMAX never slows down, or throttles your connection. You will always receive a fast reliable service, no matter WHAT!.

Miami – Fort Lauderdale Dedicated Internet Access

Sling Enterprise delivers more dedicated business-class bandwidth than traditional carrier services at a much lower cost. If your business has intensive bandwidth needs such as remote workers, large file uploads or applications that rely on dependable Internet service, our Sling Enterprise Dedicated Internet Access is for you. Our network is designed for business, ensuring the highest performing broadband internet available today! Sling Broadband offers an unsurpassed level of quality, backed by industry-leading service guarantees. We built our business by combining an unparalleled package of communications services with exceptional attention to detail, faster installation and more attentive customer care.

Reliable, Fast, Business-Grade Internet Access.

A fast Internet connection that delivers a consistent, positive customer experience can provide a significant competitive advantage. The network you’re connected to must meet your most demanding online business needs with proven, reliable performance. With one of the most advanced and largest IP networks in the world, Sling Broadband’ Dedicated Business T1 Internet Access lets you provide your customers, employees, and partners with high-performance, business-grade Internet access for your applications, online content, and website. The Sling Broadband IP network is purpose-built to deliver the fastest Internet speeds possible up to 100 Gbps backed by robust service level agreements.

Dedicated Internet Access Your Business Large or Small Can Depend On

Reliable & Redundant High-speed Internet Backbone Network

that delivers data securely, and along the fastest route possible via our award-winning 100 Gbps technology infrastructure.

Guaranteed Bi-directional Bandwidth

through a dedicated port available in a variety of speeds ranging from 1.5 Mbps all the way up to 100 Gbps

Multiple Access Options

through TDM, fiber, copper, and carrier-grade broadband wireless, leveraging a variety of technologies.

Scalable, Future-Proof Solutions

specifically designed for your number of employees, offices, locations, as well as your traffic and data usage. Easily adjust your bandwidth as your business needs change over time

Self-Healing Network Design

Maximizes redundancy and ensures network availability.

Always-Available Support

Get help whenever you need it, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from live professionals committed to your network needs. Access information on your Internet connections any time you want it, via a self-service portal.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrate Sling Broadband Internet access with other Sling Broadband value-added products including voice, data, managed services and network security services all with the convenience of a single provider and one bill.