Apple’s Tim Cook rejects idea of laptop-tablet hybrids

Apple’s boss has dismissed the idea of mixing laptops and tablets into a hybrid product. Chief executive Tim Cook said the idea of combining the iPad and MacBook Air would “wind up compromising” both. Rival Asus already markets such products in its Transformer series. Intel has also been a vocal advocate of the idea. Mr […]

Samsung’s Q4 profit rides high on Galaxy smartphones

Samsung Electronics reigned supreme among Android vendors in the fourth quarter, as its successful smartphone business helped drive an uptick in the company’s fourth-quarter profit. The Korean consumer electronics giant today reported a profit of 4 trillion Korean won, or $3.56 billion, up 8.5 percent from a year-earlier profit of 3.42 trillion Korean won. The […]

The 4G mobile technology, Connectivity, Features and new launches

We have heard that what happens at CES in Las Vegas. The new mobile phone technology 4G stole the show at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Here is an outline of 4G technology and what it manner to you. What is 4G? 4G is the latest standard in wireless mobile telephony. It is the […]