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BlackBerry Messenger gets support for voice chats over Wi-Fi

RIM’s instant messaging service has morphed into a voice-over-IP service for its users who are connected via Wi-Fi. BlackBerry Messenger is adding voice call support, Research In Motion announced today. Upon downloading the free BlackBerry Messenger update, customers will find that they can place voice calls to other BBM customers whenever they’re on a Wi-Fi […]

Present World With Wireless Internet Service

The generation marketplace has turn into a dynamic environment that is repeatedly evolving. With the extensive computerization all companies around the world have switched to computer systems and the internet for connectivity. As such companies are upgrading to community mobility solutions that can lend a hand improve consistent connectivity with its own employees and its […]

Google announces new Nexus tablets, smartphone

Google announced lots of new hardware today via blog post, after an event in New York was canceled in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy. The big items: * The Nexus four smartphone, advanced with LG. It features a quad-center processor, a 4.2-inch show, and a wi-fi charging function that allows you to power the phone by […]

Business Prospects Of Wimax

The prospects for WiMAX technology as a viable business opportunity are often the subject of debate amidst numerous actual or perceived challenges. Applying these cutting edge insights can make these arguments and challenges disappear. Unlike most people’s expectation of rural deployments, you might consider targeting SME’s in urban areas. There are several reasons for this: […]

Apple wireless adapter patent could resolve cable woes

A new patent granted to Apple could eliminate issues with incompatible cables and adapters should the technology ever appear in the real world. The U.S. patent awarded today — No. 8,280,465 — describes the ways in which a wireless adapter could interface between a device and an accessory. Such an adapter may come with one […]

Laws on Wi-Fi sniffing still up in the air, say specialists

Legal and tech specialists debate whether open Wi-Fi networks should be fair game for sniffing, but they agree that the law is currently unclear on the issue. Got a Wi-Fi network? If someone, say Google or the government, sniffs your open network, you may think you’re legally protected. Don’t be so sure. It remains unclear […]

RIM CEO: We’re not abandoning BlackBerry physical keyboards

Research In Motion is not killing off its physical keyboards, according to CEO Thorsten Heins. Heins, who addressed a room full of journalists and bloggers at the company’s BlackBerry World conference here, said he wanted to clear up confusion based on the company’s unveiling of the BlackBerry 10 software. It was widely reported or intimated […]

Android’s new ally against the iPhone: Ubuntu

Strong sales of the iPhone 4S are putting renewed pressure on Android to innovate. Ubuntu for Android could give the platform a key capability iPhone is still missing. Last year was a long time ago for Android. That was when Google’s mobile platform was stealing market share from all the other smartphone platforms — winning […]

Nokia Lumia 710 and 800 getting Wi-Fi hot spot update

An update that brings with it Internet tethering is reportedly about to roll out to the two Lumia handsets in certain countries. Nokia’s Lumia 710 and 800 phones may be one step closer to gaining the ability to act as Wi-Fi hot spots, though the company itself isn’t confirming or revealing any details on the […]

Number of mobile devices to hit 8 billion by 2016, Cisco says

All those devices will drive mobile data traffic up 18-fold, reaching 10.8 exabytes per month, or 130 exabytes a year, by 2016, according to a forecast. If there were any doubt the world is going mobile, it should be tossed out the window today. A Cisco methods’ forecast, launched these days, claims that by way […]

HTC patching Wi-Fi password leak on several smartphones

Some HTC smartphone users may find their Wi-Fi passwords and other information exposed due to a new bug, but the company is rolling out a fix. The vulnerability leaks Wi-Fi credentials and SSID (network name) details to any application with basic Wi-Fi permissions on several HTC handsets, according to an alert issued yesterday by the […]

Windows 8 Promises 1-Second Wi-Fi Connections

While dropped wireless links can be frustrating, what may also be even more traumatic is the method of trying to reconnect a pc or cellular device to a network after the sign is misplaced or whilst the host gadget is resuming from standby. to reduce some of that ache, Microsoft says it’s development applied sciences […]

Wi-Fi 802.11ac to drive wireless HD video in the home

Streaming high-definition video wirelessly throughout your home will be a major benefit of Wi-Fi 802.11ac in the next few years, says NPD In-Stat. Expected to receive final approval by the IEEE toward the end of this year, 802.11ac will boast several improvements over 802.11n. The new wireless flavor will offer speeds surpassing 1 gigabit per […]

Microsoft Reinvents Wi-Fi for White Spaces

Microsoft has developed a new kind of Wi-Fi network that performs at its top speed even in the face of interference. It takes advantage of a new Wi-Fi standard that uses more of the electromagnetic spectrum, but also hops between the narrow bands of unused spectrum within television broadcast frequencies. In 2008, the us Federal […]

Wi-Fi ‘protected set-up’ not so protected after all

The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team warned this week of a security flaw in a popular tool intended to make it easier to add additional devices to a secure Wi-Fi network. US-CERT, cited findings from security researcher Stefan Viehbock, who uncovered the security hole in the so-called Wi-Fi Protected Set-up, or WPS, protocol, which is […]

4G technologies: WiMAX and LTE

4G has been causing quite a stir lately and this is to be expected, given many carries have already revealed plans to embark on 4G in the coming months, not to mention some of them have a head start, having deployed the necessary infrastructure. Actually, do we know what 4G offers? Let’s take a closer […]

The Future Associated with Internet – 4G WiMAX

Imagine a global where cellular Web had been actually almost everywhere. You can function – as well as perform – anyplace you wanted. You can open your own laptop and solution several immediate email messages with your vehicle”s oil transformed. You can actually navigate to the park watching an episode of the preferred TV show […]

Forget Ethernet, researchers want data centers to go wireless

You know those cabling contests that try to get systems administrators to show off their racks? If this article from the MIT Technology Review is right, those may become a distant memory as researchers from the University of California, Santa Barbara, Intel and IBM have shown how they can send data between servers without those […]

802.11ac marks another milestone in wireless LAN throughput’s at 1 Gbps

  Wireless network service will be strengthened in three ways: in speed, longer range and battery efficiency. Broadcom provides system-on-a-chip and software solutions. Those who use Broadcom products are computing and networking equipment, digital entertainment, broadband-access, and mobile device manufacturers. At a media event in San Francisco this week, the company executive who talked about […]