RIM’s instant messaging service has morphed into a voice-over-IP service for its users who are connected via Wi-Fi.

BlackBerry Messenger is adding voice call support, Research In Motion announced today.

Upon downloading the free BlackBerry Messenger update, customers will find that they can place voice calls to other BBM customers whenever they’re on a Wi-Fi connection. In order to connect to BlackBerry Voice, customers must already be a BlackBerry service plan customer. According to RIM, the calls can be placed at no charge.

The new feature permits users to change between talking and texting at can. additionally, RIM says that customers are going to be able to text message and get into identical time. BlackBerry Voice features a visual indicator that tells customers once a decision will be placed.

BlackBerry Voice is presently in beta, and bundled as a part of BBM Version seven. BlackBerry service customers will transfer the update currently from the BlackBerry Beta Zone. The computer code solely works on BlackBerry vi OS or higher. BlackBerry five OS can get the feature “at a future date.”