Before giving mom that bouquet of roses for Mother’s Day saying “thank you for raising a super successful nerd,” have you thought about where you going this year for Star Wars day on May 4th? Check out the top 5 places to be on this fan-inspired day of galactic celebration!

1. Star Wars Day at All Disney Stores

Participating Disney Stores will have an authentic galactic atmosphere with music, clips films, and TV series playing all day. At any Disney store location you can:

Receive a free Star Wars Page Clip, use the force and fly an X-wing, learn to Draw R2-D2 -Sketch your favorite character and take it home to show off to everyone what they missed on this awesome day, or put your Star Wars facts to use and play a round of Star Wars trivia to see who is the biggest Star Wars fan!

2. Star Wars Day at PETCO

New dog toys released in select stores (600+ locations) and on Petco.com, in-store events, and photo op with you and your pets with Stormtroopers from the 501st!

3. Star Wars Weekend  I-V At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Orlando, FL

Star Wars Weekends combines the fun and adventure of the Star Wars film franchise with the magic of Disney Parks. The event features the largest collection of official Star Wars characters found at any theme park in the world, conversations with Star Wars celebrities, a Star Wars motorcade through the park and much more.

4. Star Wars: The Force Awakes Worldwide

A confirmed release date of December 18, 2015, has been set for Lucas film’s highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII, check out the trailer on YouTube if you aren’t excited yet!

5. Your Home Box Office

When all else fails, you can comfortable dress up as your favorite Star Wars characters at home. Without staring pedestrians, you can have a lightsaber match and give big bruises to your favorite galactic friends, then binge on all the Star Wars movies your 0 gravity heart desires. If you care to be daring, and since we are in Florida, you could go to the beach and have a lightsaber fight. Either way, may the fourth be with you friends!

For more information, check out the star wars event site