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Sling Broadband’s Network provides reliability, high-performance and security.

Sling’s customers receive true business-class service that is fast, reliable, secure, easily scalable, and cost-effective. Your data and voice communications are transmitted over our wholly-owned network, maintaining your vital links with customers and suppliers.

Launch your business communications network into the future!

Sling Broadband has expanded its high-speed Internet service throughout the Weston area to meet the growing demand from business customers. Founded in 2006, Sling Broadband is a privately-held Internet Service Provider based in Miami, Florida, which provides service in over 30 major cities across the United States.

One of the most important internet providers in the country, Sling Broadband’s community interconnects with over 2,2 hundred other knowledge communitys in North the united states. Sling’s community is particularly designed to optimize trade knowledge transmission. the company gives entire trade communications programs, including DSL, Cable and wi-fi internet products and services and VoIP industrial phone service.

Metro Ethernet in Weston

Why put up with the bottleneck of hard-wired communications networks when your data can fly at warp-speed through the air? Sling Broadband’s Metro Ethernet service is now available in Weston. This award-winning network uses fixed-wireless antennas to send and receive broadband Internet signals across the region. And, since Sling Broadband owns their own network, there is no local-loop charge like when using telephone company lines to connect with your Internet service provider.

Metro Ethernet is scalable, reliable, and less expensive than traditional “wired” Internet service. Sling Broadband never imposes data caps or charges based on data usage. The service comes in a range of data speeds, which can easily be upgraded as your bandwidth needs increase.

Sling Broadband’s Service is Different
* No 150 GB data cap or data usage charges
* No deceptive introductory rate gimmicks
* No local loop charges
* The industry’s lowest rates
* Built-in network redundancy and security features
* Guaranteed network reliability at 99.999%
* Scalable service makes bandwidth upgrades easy

Get Managed PBX and Love Your Telephone System

Miami seaside businesses can now have a simple, affordable, superior phone device with Sling Broadband’s controlled PBX. the program comes with all the features your small business wishes—like direct dial nameing and an simply-programmable automobile attendant—in conjunction with time-saving features like voice-mail-to-electronic mail transcription and “in finding Me, practice Me” call forwarding. there is not any long term settlement and little up-front cost, in contrast to phone company methods requiring a closet-stuffed with equipment that takes an IT expert to program. You pay only one according to-line charge for limitless calls throughout the continental usa upgrade to Sling’s virtual Voice and managed PBX and get an affordable undertaking-grade telephone system that you simply’ll in reality love.

Weston Dedicated Internet Service

For businesses that need a top-bandwidth connection for multiple workplace places, far flung staff, streaming information or massive report transfers, Sling Broadband gives devoted Broadband web provider in Weston. Sling’s dedicated web Service is a brilliant value—consider upgrading nowadays.

VOIP Internet Telephone—Unlimited Calls

Next to the Internet and email, the telephone is one of your most important business tools. Why pay more than you need to or be stuck with a system that is difficult to change and which has a confusing per-call fee structure. Sling Broadband’s Business Internet customers can add VoIP Telephone service and enjoy the savings of unlimited calling in the U.S. and pay just one low, monthly per-line rate. You pay for only the number of lines you need; there are no hidden charges or additional equipment required. Extra lines are simple to add, making this the most flexible telephone service you’ve ever had. And, with Sling Digital Voice you receive crystal-clear connections and built-in business telephone features.

Thank You Weston

Sling Broadband is pleased to be part of the Weston trade neighborhood and is gratified through the welcome it has received. allow us to display you how we can will let you decrease prices and enhance efficiency with our whole line of products and services designed particularly for businesses. touch Sling Broadband and join a loose, 30-day no-possibility trial of our services lately.

Weston is a suburb of South Florida located in Broward County, Florida, USA. Established as a city in 1996, much of the community was developed by Arvida/JMB Realty and is located near the western developmental boundary of Broward County. It is the most western city in Broward County, and its entire west side is next to the Everglades. As of the 2010 census, the city had a total population of 65,333. Weston is part of the Miami–Fort Lauderdale–Pompano Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area, which was home to 5,564,635 people at the 2010 census.
An 8,000-year-old paleo-Indian and Tequesta Indian burial mound is located in the city.
In 2010, cash magazine ranked Weston nineteenth in america in the largest Earners category, with a mean circle of relatives income of $119,689. In 2006, it was ranked as town with the most important process growth in Florida and 18th largest in the country. BusinessWeek ranked Weston as some of the best inexpensive suburbs in the U.S. in November 2006.
Weston consistently ranks prime every year in CNN money magazines largest Earners class. In 2008, money magazine ranked Weston as the 73rd absolute best place to are living in the united states, making it the most efficient position to live in the state of Florida.