IRS blames Russia for ‘$50 million’ hack

  Remember when the IRS website was hacked and around 100,000 people had their tax data stolen? Officials are now pointing accusatory fingers in the direction of Russia, at least according to CNN. The revelation was made by Illinois Representative Peter Roskam, who is believed to have gotten the information straight from IRS chief John […]

The Internet of Sheep: WiFi-connected flock to eat grass and transmit data

You may have heard of the Internet of Things — the idea that eventually all physical objects could communicate data over the internet to other connected devices. Already many devices in cities — from automobiles to thermostats — communicate information to operators, manufacturers and consumers via the internet about their status. But in rural Wales, […]

Want to see broadband’s future? Check out the airline industry

  A New Yorker explainer on why the airlines want to make you suffer has been making the social media rounds. It’s an excellent case study in how the airlines have created a miserable experience for passengers so they can build a profitable business based on charging fees for bags, early boarding and better seats. […]

Weston True Business-Class Internet and VoIP Services Service Provider

Sling Broadband’s Network provides reliability, high-performance and security. Sling’s customers receive true business-class service that is fast, reliable, secure, easily scalable, and cost-effective. Your data and voice communications are transmitted over our wholly-owned network, maintaining your vital links with customers and suppliers. Launch your business communications network into the future! Sling Broadband has expanded its […]

Pompano Beach True Business-Class Internet and VoIP Service Provider

Launch your business communications network into the future! Sling Broadband has expanded its high-speed Internet service throughout the Pompano Beach area to meet the growing demand from business customers. Founded in 2006, Sling Broadband is a privately-held Internet Service Provider based in Miami, Florida, which provides service in over 30 major cities across the United […]

ISP launches broadband internet, business voip, dsl, cable and wireless services Doral

The future of communications has arrived in Doral! In response to enormous demand from area business consumers, Sling Broadband is expanding its high-speed Broadband Internet service into Doral. Sling Broadband is one of the nation’s largest Internet service providers, consistently ranked as one of the top ten networks in North America. We provide service to […]

Microsoft: Google bypassed IE privacy settings too

In the wake of reports that Google had sidestepped privacy settings in Apple’s Safari browser, Microsoft announced today it had discovered that the Web giant had done the same with Internet Explorer. whilen the IE staff heard that Google had bypassed user privateness settings on Safari, we asked ourselves a easy query: is Google circumventing […]

How Apple cuts costs building its gadgets

On the backs of iPods, iPhones and iPads, and on the bottom of Mac laptops, an inscription reads: Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China. The portions themselves come from more than 150 corporations from various parts of the arena. the vast majority of those antennas, glass, steel, sensors and silicon are synthetic overseas. […]