Tinder has taken issue with a recent report that estimated 42 per cent of the people who use the dating app are either married or in a relationship.

The study, conducted by research firm, GlobalWebIndex, released figures yesterday that suggested around 30 per cent of Tinder’s users are married, while 12 per cent were in a relationship.

It seems, though, that Tinder didn’t like the implication that nearly half of its user base may be playing away from home and has hit back at GlobalWebIndex with a rather strongly worded statement.

“The results of this tiny, 681 person study in the UK is a totally inaccurate depiction of Tinder’s user base,” a Tinder spokesman told The Guardian.

“This firm is making guesses without having any access to real data on our millions of users worldwide.

“The single largest age group on Tinder, making up more than half of our entire user base, is 18-24. More than 93 per cent of UK residents in that age range have never been married, according to the UK’s office of National Statistics. Without revealing any data about our users, simple logic should reveal that it’s essentially impossible for any of these claims to be accurate. Their methodology seems severely and fundamentally flawed.”

GWI, for its part, has defended its report, saying, “GlobalWebIndex data is based on interviews with a panel of more than 170,000 internet users worldwide, the largest on-going study into the digital consumer – it’s not guesswork, and not just the UK, as Tinder has suggested.”

Tinder has in the past, rejected the idea that most of its users use it simply for sex hook-ups and that many of them use it for platonic relationships too.

Happy dating.