Check Out the World’s First 3-D Printed Supercar

It has a chassis about 90% lighter than the average car The “Blade” is light, sleek and — at an acceleration of 0-60 m.p.h. in 2.2 seconds — incredibly fast, just like you’d want any supercar to be. But a few things set this wondrous machine apart from others of its kind, foremost among them […]

Apple Music and Labels Investigated in 2 States

While Apple was preparing a splashy introduction for a new service that would stream music over the Internet for a fee, the attorneys general of New York and Connecticut were quietly investigating the Silicon Valley giant’s negotiations with music companies in search of potential antitrust violations. The attorneys general wanted to know whether Apple pressured […]

Silk Road founder sencenced to life in prisonment

NEW YORK — A federal judge sentenced Silk Road darknet mastermind Ross Ulbricht to life in prison Friday for founding and operating a criminal version of eBay that made buying illegal drugs almost as easy as clicking a computer mouse. After considering the 31-year-old Texas native’s apology and plea for leniency, U.S. District Judge Katherine […]

Most Internet Traffic Will Soon be Encrypted

  A tectonic shift for the Internet’s crypto landscape is coming. The current share of encrypted traffic on the web is largely due to Google GOOG -0.47% , Facebook FB 0.09% , and Twitter TWTR -2.57% , which have all by now adopted HTTPS by default. They mostly account for the red portion in chart […]

Intel CEO slams Windows 8, says it’s not ready

Paul Otellini told employees during a meeting in Taiwan that Microsoft needs to make improvements to the OS, according to a Bloomberg report, though he adds they can be done after the product ships. Intel leader govt Paul Otellini slammed windows eight during a meeting with staff in Taiwan, in line with a Bloomberg file, […]

Miami-based Brightstar expanding role in wireless communications

Brightstar Corp., a leading middleman in wireless communications, celebrates its 15th birthday this fall, and like other teenagers, it’s getting bigger and adopting new interests. Miami-based Brightstar has become one of the world’s largest distributors of mobile telephones and much more, expanding its middleman role in recent years to encompass other types of wireless devices […]

Microsoft gives Office a 2013 touch-up

Microsoft has unveiled a touch-ready version of Office, the latest version of the company’s market-leading productivity software suite. In San Francisco, Steve Ballmer described Office 2013 as the firm’s “most ambitious release” to date. The software is primed for mobile devices, cloud computing, and social networking. Office is the globe’s most popular productivity application, with […]

Downtown Miami post office gets new lease on life

Over its approximately 100-year history, downtown Miami’s post office building has been home to a federal courthouse, the Miami Weather Bureau and most recently, an Office Depot. After standing empty for at least a half-dozen years, the circa-1912 building is about to get a new tenant befitting of its stature on the U.S. National Register […]

San Francisco plans to ban officials from buying Apple Macs

City officials in San Francisco plan to block local government agencies from buying new Apple Macintosh computers. The move follows the firm’s decision to pull out of a green certification scheme designed to identify which electronic devices pose the least risk to the environment. CIO Journal reported the ban was designed to encourage Apple to […]

Google unveils Nexus tablet made by Asus and Project Glass pre-orders

The device is made by the Taiwanese company Asus rather than the firm’s own Motorola hardware unit. It runs the new Jelly Bean version of Android. An 8GB version will be sold for $199 (£127) from mid-July pitching it directly against Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The firm also showed off its internet-connected augmented reality glasses revealing […]

Florida offers $12 million to South Florida companies

South Florida gets a small share of Florida’s $155 million payout to companies thinking of adding jobs in the state. Lisa McKerracher might set up a spinal-cord lab in Miami, or she might set it up in Massachusetts. Florida will pay her $83,000 to pick the Sunshine State. “I’m not sure this is where I […]

Apple Stores get their turn under NY Times’ investigative spotlight

A just-published Times report on pay and conditions at Apple Stores has at least one news outlet wondering if recent Apple activity around salary increases was meant as a kind of preemptive strike. Was recent Apple activity around raises at its retail stores a preemptive strike against a just-published New York Times article? That’s what […]

Windows Phone 8 system update announced by Microsoft

Microsoft has unveiled the next version of its smartphone operating system. Windows Phone 8 shares much of its code with the firm’s PC system, making it easier for developers to write programs for different types of devices. The company said it should mean there would be some “amazing games” for handsets running its new release. […]

These entrepreneurs aim higher than the bottom line

South Florida’s social entrepreneurs use business methods to improve education, environment and living conditions. Amid South Florida’s flashy consumerism wave, a vastly different breed of entrepreneur — aimed at solving social problems — is quietly gaining momentum. Take Navroze Mehta and his daughter Sonali Mehta-Rao, who became increasingly aware that master craftsmen in India were […]

Judge says 37 Oracle APIs are not copyrightable

In a ruling in the Oracle vs. Google case, a San Francisco district court judge says 37 of Oracle’s APIs are not copyrightable. Oracle plans to appeal the ruling. The structure, sequence, and organization of the 37 Java APIs at question in the Oracle v. Google case are not copyrightable, Judge William Alsup of the […]

For Toyota, JPMorgan, And State Farm, Arizona Is The Silicon Valley Of Data Security

In the Phoenix metro area, sprawling data centers and fraud-prevention companies bloom like the cacti and agaves of a growing tech ecosphere. In the desert, only the hardiest plants and animals survive. They develop spines and foul smells to ward off water thieves, and poisons to cut down competition. They hunker down, specialize, and waste […]

Apple’s Tim Cook rejects idea of laptop-tablet hybrids

Apple’s boss has dismissed the idea of mixing laptops and tablets into a hybrid product. Chief executive Tim Cook said the idea of combining the iPad and MacBook Air would “wind up compromising” both. Rival Asus already markets such products in its Transformer series. Intel has also been a vocal advocate of the idea. Mr […]

Plan to park in South Florida? Raid the piggy bank

Jay Rooney seeks out street spots, takes public transportation and stays away from valet — anything he can do to avoid the high cost of parking. “I love downtown, I love Brickell. I don’t go as often as I would just because parking is too crazy,” said the 27-year-old. “I used to work on the […]

Bringing broadband to the boonies: The odyssey begins

Although my author bio hints at it, you might not guess that I file CNET stories from the edge of the vast wilderness. I’ve lived here five years now, and it’s taken me that long to cross the Digital Divide that still exists in this country between those who take decent broadband for granted and […]

Google’s Oracle court battle over Android set for April 16

After nearly two years of saber rattling, Google and Oracle will finally have their chance to battle it out in a federal court. U.S. District Court judge William Alsup ruled yesterday that both Oracle and Google would need to be ready to argue their cases in a San Francisco federal court on April 16. The […]