Paul Otellini told employees during a meeting in Taiwan that Microsoft needs to make improvements to the OS, according to a Bloomberg report, though he adds they can be done after the product ships.

Intel leader govt Paul Otellini slammed windows eight during a meeting with staff in Taiwan, in line with a Bloomberg file, announcing the operating system nonetheless has insects and is being launched ahead of it’s in a position.

Otellini said Windows still needs some improvements, according to Bloomberg. But Otellini also said releasing Windows 8 before it’s completely ready is the correct decision to help Microsoft and the PC makers compete against Apple during the key holiday season. He added that Microsoft can make changes after Windows 8 ships, the report said.

Microsoft and Intel have been shut companions over time, however their courting has been strained right through Microsoft’s construction of home windows 8, with a view to be Microsoft’s first version of home windows to run on an ARM Holdings structure, not just the xeight6 architecture from Intel and AMD that dominates desktops.

Windows RT, the ARM-based version of the operating system, has faced some setbacks of late, with some companies, such as Toshiba and H-P, scrapping plans for such devices. Windows 8, meanwhile, has largely appeared to be on track. Intel has touted various tablet and notebook design wins with the software, and it plans to host a tablet event Thursday in San Francisco.

An Intel spokesman on Tuesday mentioned in a statement that interior worker conferences are personal, and Intel doesn’t disclose what might or would possibly not were said.

We continue to see Windows 8 as a significant opportunity across the board and are excited at our prospects in new form factors like Ultrabooks, tablets and convertibles, the spokesman said.

Microsoft, which plans to free up home windows 8 on Oct. 26, said in a statement that it’s taking a look forward to creating the operating machine available subsequent month.

With over 16 million active preview participants, Windows 8 is the most tested, reviewed and ready operating system in Microsoft’s history, a spokeswoman said.