Wikipedia Sues NSA for Mass Internet Surveillance

Wikipedia is suing the NSA over surveillance programs that involve tapping internet traffic en masse from communications infrastructure in the U.S. in order to search it for intelligence purposes. The lawsuit argues that this broad surveillance, revealed in documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, violates the First Amendment by chilling speech and the […]

Dropbox passes 100-million-user mark

The 5-year-old cloud storage company marks its milestone with a GB giveaway. Cloud storage company Dropbox has reached 100 million users, and to celebrate it’s giving away gigabytes. The corporation, now 5 years of age, announced the milestone today in the blog entry published by founder Drew Houston. “Once upon an occasion, Dropbox had its […]

Apple Stores get their turn under NY Times’ investigative spotlight

A just-published Times report on pay and conditions at Apple Stores has at least one news outlet wondering if recent Apple activity around salary increases was meant as a kind of preemptive strike. Was recent Apple activity around raises at its retail stores a preemptive strike against a just-published New York Times article? That’s what […]

Facebook smartphone to be ‘released next year’

Social networking giant Facebook is to launch its own smartphone by next year, reports have suggested. The New York Times cited unnamed sources, including Facebook employees, suggesting that the network had been hiring several smartphone engineers. Facebook recently admitted it was struggling to make money out of its growing mobile audience. The company, which recently […]

Google’s Project Glass: How much will glasses cost?

Google on Wednesday unveiled its “Project Glass,” augmented reality glasses that will be able to display chats, maps and more. The Verge says that it seems like the glasses are “past the concept phase.” Speaking to [Nick] Bilton, someone who has used the glasses said, “They let technology get out of your way. If I […]

Turning the Homeless Into 4G Hotspots at SXSW

It sounds like a headline from The Onion, but it’s true: A project called “Homeless Hotspots” is turning homeless Austin residents into mobile wireless hotspots outside the South by Southwest convention center. It’s part marketing stunt, part genuine charitable initiative — and it’s generating lots of double-takes and chatter from those who pass by. “I’m […]