Russian-Speaking Hackers Tap Satellite Internet Connections

  The three elements anchored the plot of the James Bond movie Goldeneye. They’re also apparently the basis for a real-life Russian-speaking spy operation that covers its tracks with consumer satellite Internet connections, Russian computer-security firm Kaspersky Lab ZAO said Wednesday. The release arguably is as notable for its authors as its content. Kaspersky has […]

Russia Bans Internet Database Archive

WASHINGTON— Internet users in Russia will no longer be able to access a massive database of cached webpages, apparently due to one single website authorities in Moscow don’t like. Russia’s attorney general has ordered blockage of the site, known as “The Wayback Machine,” citing legislation that bans minors from accessing sites that contain pornography, sexual […]

Ukraine is recruiting Internet soldiers to fight Russian trolls

“Many fronts have opened against us, and one of the crucial ones is the information front,” said Ukraine’s information minister Yuri Stec. Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine last year, and has been hit with Western sanctions for supporting armed separatists in eastern Ukraine. “Now is the time to fight back against the Russian invaders on […]

Lauderhill Internet Service Provider

There is a new web carrier possibility for Miami seashore companies! Sling Broadband recently improved its carrier within the Lauderhill area to meet an expanding demand via businesses for prime-speed internet connections. Sling Broadband has develop into one of the usa’s largest web communications networks and is routinely listed a few of the most sensible […]