The Digital Divide: Is Internet Access a Human Right?

The Digital Divide continues throughout the world. A 2015 paper from the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings notes that although 3.1 billion people have Internet access, there are still 4.2 billion people on this planet, or 58 percent of the world, that do not. This gap exists due to several factors including (but not […]

Check Out the World’s First 3-D Printed Supercar

It has a chassis about 90% lighter than the average car The “Blade” is light, sleek and — at an acceleration of 0-60 m.p.h. in 2.2 seconds — incredibly fast, just like you’d want any supercar to be. But a few things set this wondrous machine apart from others of its kind, foremost among them […]

Internet-Plus Poised To Transform China’s Film Business Models

Self-confidence overflowed as Chinese film and Internet executives pitched a new business model that may be on the way to transforming the fortunes of local studios and rolling back the influence of Hollywood in China. At a high-powered seminar on Sunday at the Shanghai film festival, the plutocrat bosses of Bona Film Group and Enlight […]

Feds to cable industry “Embrace broadband competition, or else”

  Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler had a strong message for the cable industry at its annual conference Wednesday: Don’t interfere with broadband competition. Speaking at INTX: The Internet and Television Expo, Wheeler said the cable industry has reached a tipping point at which its broadband subscribers outnumber its pay TV subscribers. In this […]

GOP says Obama aides meddled in net neutrality

WASHINGTON -Congressional Republicans on Tuesday accused independent regulators of bowing to White House pressure on net neutrality, citing thousands of emails and other documents that show close coordination between the Federal Communications Commission and senior aides to President Barack Obama. The political sparring on Capitol Hill was unlikely to affect a decision by the FCC […]

Will the internet of things finally kill privacy?

Immense economic pressure could eventually coerce everyone into sharing their information with firms, since not disclosing your data will itself imply that you are undesirable.           In the internet of things, the Federal Trade Commission sees the possibility of flourishing new markets. But it also sees a prologue to Black Mirror: […]

Sling Broadband Expands Its Network to 71 New Market Areas

Miami, Fla., [May 13, 2013] – In response to increasing demand from business consumers, Sling Broadband is taking its high-speed Business Broadband Internet service nationwide. Effective June 1, 2013, the company will offer its Metro-Ethernet Wireless, Business T1, Enterprise, Business Voice and Hosted PBX services in 71 new market areas across 29 states from coast […]

Intel CEO startled board chairman with decision to retire

The chairman of Intel’s board tried to convince CEO Paul Otellini to stay, according to an interview in Barron’s. Intel CEO Paul Otellini’s decision to retire likely caught a lot of people off-guard, one of them being the company’s own chairman of the board. Speaking with Barron’s yesterday, Intel board chairman Andy Bryant acknowledged that […]

Data thieves target debit cards, PINs at point of sale

Using brash ingenuity, criminals out to steal your personal data are tampering with the checkout machines in department stores, supermarkets, gas stations and even your doctors’ office. Their prime target: your debit card account number and personal identification number. Thieves use ruses, such as posing as repairmen to alter and corrupt payment terminals — installing […]

Growth – not just recovery – ahead for Miami hotel industry, experts say

With high and rising room rates, continued interest from developers and record numbers of tourists visiting the area, Miami’s hotel market should continue to improve, a panel of experts said Thursday. The trade has been mountain climbing out of the droop reached in 2009, when the economic downturn compelled travelers to reduce. but average lodge […]

New boss, old tune: Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer reviewing strategy

In an SEC filing, Yahoo’s newly-appointed CEO hints at a restructuring and a new plan for the billions it expects from the company’s stake in Alibaba. Yahoo’s new CEO, Marissa Mayer, says in an SEC filing that she might restructure the business and, as a result, might not give back to shareholders the billions in […]

South Florida families in back-to-school mode for sales tax holiday

Summer thunderstorms did not deter shoppers, including Gov. Rick Scott, from hitting the stores in South Florida early Friday morning to take advantage of the start of Florida’s sales tax holiday weekend. The tax holiday lasts through midnight Sunday. Tax exempt items include clothes, footwear and accessories that cost $75 or less per each item. […]

Miami’s international banking clients move money to protect financial privacy

Under new IRS disclosure regulations, details about U.S. bank accounts held by foreign nonresident depositors could be shared with their home governments. As a result, bankers say hundreds of millions of dollars have left Florida since April. Miami’s position as a hemispheric banking capital could be weakened as some foreign depositors close their accounts in […]

Google’s Marissa Mayer becomes Yahoo CEO

Google’s longtime executive to begin her new job leading the struggling iconic Web company tomorrow. Yahoo has named Marissa Mayer, one of Google’s top execs, as its next CEO, ending a hunt that began after Scott Thompson was forced out in May for padding his resume. Ross Levinsohn, who has been the interim CEO, had […]

Miami’s Tire Group International on a roll globally

As soon as Antonio Gonzalez was big enough, he began rolling tires around his father’s service station and tire business in Miami, pumping gas and repairing tires to help out. Today, the CEO of Tire Group International, a Miami company he founded with a friend in 1992, is moving more than 1.3 million tires a […]

Small businesses in South Florida provide a destination for shopping

South Florida is home to a variety of small businesses, many that offer products and services you can’t find anywhere else. Some establishments attract shoppers from across the tri-county area and beyond for their unique offerings or a surge in demand for their products. South Florida residents have been flocking to Naples for day trips […]

Retailers report tepid sales for June

Shoppers, worried about jobs and the overall economy, pulled back on spending in June, resulting in tepid sales for many retailers. The results raise concerns about Americans’ ability to spend during the back-to-school season, which is the second-biggest shopping period of the year and starts later this month. As merchants reported their sales early Thursday, […]

With $60B in cash, Microsoft is set to blow up its business

With the recent announcement of Microsoft’s new Surface tablet, the decades-old network of partners that Microsoft and Intel built just got a formidable new asset-rich competitor: Microsoft. Like all successful partner networks, Wintel thrived because all of the players — the two principals, OEMs, the channel and other stakeholders — benefited individually from the association […]

Changing of the Miami guard at American Airlines

Longtime American Airlines executive Peter Dolara retires Friday in Miami, handing the reins to the region’s new vice president, Art Torno. Art Torno still remembers the meeting that changed his career — and ultimately his life. On a Saturday in 1986 at New York City’s Chrysler building, Peter Dolara — an American Airlines executive who […]

Here comes the greatest Internet landgrab in history

Frank Schilling made his fortune in the aftermath of the dot-com bust, buying up thousands of domain names others didn’t want. He kept at it, aggressively building a portfolio of more than 320,000 domains that, through a combination of ads and outright sales, have made Schilling a decamillionaire many times over. Now the 43-year-old domainer […]