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Sling Broadband’s Network provides enterprise-level performance.

In as of late’s trade atmosphere, a quick, dependable internet connection is essential to stay you connected on your shoppers and suppliers. With Sling Broadband, your knowledge travels solely over its private network, allowing Sling to guarantee the reliability of your connection and to make sure knowledge security. And, with Sling’s community you get internet carrier with implausible pace that may be easy to your funds.

Metro Ethernet—the future of Internet service is here!

Instead of making your data crawl through crowded hard-wired networks, let it fly! Sling Broadband’s Metro Ethernet transmits data at warp speed between fixed-wireless antennas, eliminating the “traffic jam” of traditional wired networks. Sling’s wholly-owned network provides last mile connections; so there is never a local-loop charge.

Metro Ethernet offers businesses a high-speed Internet connection that is secure, dependable, and easily scalable at a lower cost than traditional wired networks. You choose the bandwidth you need, which can easily be increased as your needs change. Best of all, Sling Broadband never imposes a cap on data or charges for excess usage.

Why Choose Sling Broadband?
* Lower service fees than our competitors
* Guaranteed 99.999% network reliability
* No bait-and-switch introductory rates
* No data caps or usage charges
* Flexible service plans grow with your company
* U.S.-based customer support 24/7/365
* Security features protect your data

Sling Broadband offers business Internet and VoIP telephone service.

Miami-based Internet Service Provider Sling Broadband built its network from the ground up specifically to serve the business market. Since its beginnings in 2006, Sling has expanded its service areas to include more than 30 major cities across the United States, making it one of the country’s largest Internet service providers.

Sling Broadband provides prime-speed web carrier via DSL, cable or wi-fi community connections and VoIP internet telephone service. Sling’s award-successful network interconnects with over 2,200 other communitys in North the us, offering businesses with reliable, protected and scalable broadband web service, along side remarkable enhance. Privately-owned Sling Broadband constantly ranks a few of the best North the usn communications communitys.

Managed PBX—the better business telephone system

Perhaps what you are promoting is able to transfer up to an built-in phone system, or perhaps you’ve outgrown your current machine. Don’t be locked right into a PBX device that calls for investment in difficult and dear switching equipment. With Sling Broadband’s controlled PBX, you get the entire sophisticated features of a industry-class gadget with little up-front price and no long term settlement. provider fees are charged consistent with line, now not in line with name, so that you order only the number of lines you want.

Sling’s controlled PBX has the entire industry features you want, equivalent to a virtual operator, direct-dial calling and contact forwarding, along side distinctive, time-saving options similar to voice-mail-to-electronic mail transcription. managed PBX is a straightforward yet tough telephone system that saves you money with limitless calling all through the continental united states.

Save on unlimited calls with Sling’s Digital Voice VoIP Telephone Service

Why pay-by-the-call for telephone service when you can have crystal-clear, unlimited calls in the continental U.S. for one low, monthly per-line rate with Sling Broadband’s Digital Voice? Use your Sling Broadband Internet connection and existing business phones to move your telephone service into the future. Pay for only the number of lines needed; there is no equipment to buy and no hidden charges. The service is easily expanded; add new lines with just a phone call to your Sling Broadband customer service representative. This simple service plan helps you manage costs for this important business tool while having state-of-the-art telephone service with all the features you are accustomed to.

Dedicated Internet Service for Miramar Businesses

If your business has a need for a top-bandwidth connection to house uses corresponding to a couple of locations, mobile staff, large-record information transfers or streaming video, then there is not any better price than Sling’s dedicated web service. This service could also be perfect for businesses transmitting project-critical information, where reliability and safety are important. This top rate provider gives you complete-time devoted access to Sling’s network at an excessively reasonably priced cost.

Try our service risk-free!

Sling Broadband has expanded its Miramar service due to the increased demand by area businesses for affordable, dependable Internet access. Call our sales team today to arrange a no-risk, free 30-day trial of Sling Broadband’s services. We would be pleased to demonstrate how you can have faster, more reliable Internet with business-class features at a lower cost than you are currently paying.

Miramar is a city in Broward County, Florida, u.s.a.. the city was named after the Miramar district of Havana, Cuba. As of the 2010 census, the inhabitants was once 122,041. It is part of the South Florida metropolitan space, which used to be home to five,564,635 other folks at the 2010 census.
towns legitimate motto is attractiveness and development, updated from the earlier the center of the whole thing.