Verizon has had a busy month repairing network glitches.

The carrier confirmed early this morning via Twitter that it has resolved the latest outage, which hit many of its cellular data customers yesterday.

In tweeting the news, Verizon Wireless said that the 4G LTE issue was resolved overnight. 3G connectivity, as well as calling and texting, had been unaffected, the company added.

This latest incident marked the 3rd time this month that Verizon consumers around the usa have bumped right into a community data outage.

On December 7, many Verizon 4G LTE customers reported a loss of data service, though some 3G users also said they were affected. A second outage occurred last week, also hitting data customers across the U.S.

In all three circumstances, users reported issues connecting to both 4G and 3G networks, however, Verizon has insisted that 3G data access has been unaffected.

Either way, the outages have undoubtedly tested Verizon’s claims of having essentially the most dependable wi-fi network. other than acknowledging the incidents and their resolutions via transient statements, the corporate has been mum as to the cause of the continual drawback.

Roger Entner, founder of the market research firm Recon Analytics, recently told CNET that some growing pains are to be expected as more people hop onto Verizon’s LTE network. But since many of the outages have started in the course of the night, Entner believes they’re being resulting from improvements and patches to the community. As such, one single glitch can cascade to impact more than one regions of the entire u . s ..