Until last week the fastest wireless routers on the market conformed to the 802.11n specification, and offered speeds anywhere up to 300Mbps. But over the coming months even that is going to start to look slow as routers appear that conform to the brand new 802.11ac specification.

Trendnet seems to be to be the primary out the gates with an 802.11ac wi-fi router and bridge. each are capable of hitting speeds of 1.3Gbps whilst final backwards appropriate with 802.11n devices as long as they use the same 5GHz band. Older, unmarried band wi-fi-n gear subsequently must be replaced.

Trendnet’s 1300Mbps Dual Band Wireless AC Router (TEW-811DR) offers both a 450Mbps wireless-n band and the new 1300Mbps band. It also takes advantage of “Beam Forming” technology allowing a signal to transmit around objects such as walls, therefore extending the range or quality of the signal. You’ll also get access to gigabit ports for any devices sitting near the router e.g. a NAS.

If you don’t want the router, Trendnet could also be liberating a 1300Mbps wireless AC Media Bridge (TEW-800MB) that allows as much as 4 suitable media gadgets to connect the usage of the 1300Mbps band. on the again there’s also 4 gigabit ports to take advantage of.

For both the router and the bridge Trendnet has included video and audio packet prioritization, meaning if you’re streaming a HD movie or listening to music stored on your home’s NAS, you shouldn’t suffer any interruptions or a drop in quality.

Unfortunately it seems like we’ll have to attend to get our fingers in this 802.11ac package. Trendnet has mentioned they gained’t be coming to market until past due this year.