Did you know there are over 85 million mothers in the United States? With so many moms, how do make each feel special? Check out our top 5 ways to make mom happier, the tech-savvy way.

1. Teach mom how to use the internet
Here at Sling Broadband, we strongly believe in the freedom the internet gives to our business owners. This May, give mom a chance to tune her skills!

2.Facebook Post!
According to a 2012 survey done by the Pew Research Institute, 79% of moms are on Facebook! This number might not surprise you, as you are probably friends with your mom on Facebook, and try not to say too many inappropriate things for her to “like.” Now you can surprise her by posting a happy mother’s day card on her wall for all her friends to see.

3. Pandora
Set up a Pandora account for her, add her favorite music genres or artists, download it on her phone, and show her how to use it. Now when she hears the Beatles, ABBA, or U2, she will think of what a great kid she raised!

4. Playlist
If your mom still insists on using CDs, or, gulp, Cassets, make her a playlist! We’re sure she’s listened to some new hits on the radio and would love to have them at her fingertips.

5. Personalized Mug
We are not telling you to rob your mom here, but a buy her a personalized coffee mug. With such an incredible variety of choices, you can put all sorts of things on coffee mugs, pillows, or doggie bowls of your choice. Sites like Shutterfly specialize in themes where you can put pictures of yourself resembling a Michelin baby, all over the object. Don’t worry you are your mom’s favorite Michelin baby!