Ex-Nokia employees to launch Meego smartphone

A group of former Nokia employees has formed a company with the goal of bringing to market a smartphone powered by software discarded by their former employer. The Finnish startup Jolla plans to base its handsets on the defunct Meego operating system, which was developed in partnership with Intel but was essentially left for dead […]

Intel open to putting Windows Phone on its chips

Intel has opened the door to potentially supporting Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system on its chips, according to a report by Computer World today. Intel is taking a wait-and-see approach to the Windows Phone platform, which has won some critical praise but limited commercial success. Instead, the company is largely betting on the continued success […]

Apple, Samsung own 95 percent of all mobile phone profits

Apple and Samsung together hoovered up more than 95 percent of mobile phone profits last quarter, leaving little left for other players, says Canaccord Genuity analyst Michael Walkley. Actually, there wasn’t a whole lot left for Samsung, either, once Apple was done with things. With strong demand for the iPhone 4S, Apple alone took home […]

Smartphones with Intel Chips Debut at CES

At the end of last year, Intel showed Technology Review prototypes of chips that it said that it said would help it enter the rapidly growing market for phones and tablets. Today, at CES, Motorola and Lenovo announced that they would start selling smart phones with Intel chips inside this year. The news got here […]