iPad Mini is a big threat for some tablets.

Apple’s introduction of the iPad Mini this week generated two lines of thinking about competition in the tablet space. The first, articulated by some analysts, holds that lower-cost tablets have nothing to worry about. Reuters collected their comments in an article giving shape to their general lack of concern. The reason? The entry-level Mini’s $329 […]

As Tablet Race Heats Up, Apple May Try Smaller Device

The tech companies are at it again — trying to catch the blockbuster iPad in a race to win the tablet market. Google on Friday began shipping its Nexus 7, which is smaller and less expensive than Apple’s iPad, and is meant to compete with both that device and Amazon’s Kindle Fire. This summer, Microsoft […]

Kindle Fire 2 may hit as soon as July

If you’re waiting for the Kindle Fire 2 or a new e-ink Kindle, you may not have to wait much longer. What’s next for Kindle hardware? Well, a credible source has told us that Amazon will unveil a second-generation Kindle Fire this summer and that it’s targeting July 31 for a launch event. While we […]

Apple’s and Motorola’s Slip-Slidey Patent Scrap

A regional court in Munich, Germany, has ruled that most of Motorola Mobility’s (NYSE: MMI) smartphone products infringe on Apple’s (Nasdaq: AAPL) slide-to-unlock image patent. users of Apple’s iOS tools slide a virtual button around the monitor in an effort to “release” the tool — in other phrases, wake it up and make it able […]