Intel 4th gen Core chips to slash power consumption

Chip giant will talk about a new series of mainstream chips next week that are much more power efficient than today’s processors. Intel will disclose a new series of ultra-power-efficient chips aimed at tablets and convertibles at the Intel Developer Forum next week. The Intel 4th Generation Core chips, codenamed “Haswell,” will come close to […]

Vizio meets the MacBook

Vizio offers a design that could give buyers pause when considering a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. In the latter case, it’s almost $1,000 cheaper than the lower-end MacBook Pro retina. Vizio is the latest to make a run at Apple’s MacBook. So far, I like what I see. The Irvine, Calif.-based company’s ultrabooks are […]

Apple’s Tim Cook rejects idea of laptop-tablet hybrids

Apple’s boss has dismissed the idea of mixing laptops and tablets into a hybrid product. Chief executive Tim Cook said the idea of combining the iPad and MacBook Air would “wind up compromising” both. Rival Asus already markets such products in its Transformer series. Intel has also been a vocal advocate of the idea. Mr […]