NSA limits its surveillance program in the US

  The US National Security Agency (NSA) has reduced the extent of surveillance programs it runs on the US soil, following outcry from citizens, privacy activists and digital businesses. From Sunday onwards, the agency will no longer collect mobile communication metadata indiscriminately and in bulk. Instead, it will have to target particular individuals and get […]

ICANN CEO: Why The Internet’s Future Is At Risk

  ICANN the Internet Corporation for Assigned Numbers and Names, hopes to convince the US government that it can oversee the Internet’s technical infrastructure on its own. The non-profit corporation has been doing so since 1998, but in conjunction with the US Commerce Department’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). Under contract with ICANN, NTIA […]

Brazil to Boost Internet Speed Through Europe

Brazil will boost its Internet communications to reduce dependence on U.S. hubs and be able to host global data centers for heavy users like YouTube and Netflix, Jorge Bittar, head of state-run telecoms company Telebras, said in an interview. At present, all submarine fiber-optic cables connect Brazil to the Internet through the United States. That’s […]

Rand Paul poses in front of NSA data center that he pledges to shut down

On Saturday, presidential hopeful and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) made an unusual campaign stop. Wearing his usual shades and messy curls, Paul posed with arms crossed in front of a controversial Utah data center belonging to the NSA. Alongside the photo, posted on Facebook, Paul made a bold campaign pledge: to essentially tear that data […]

Will the Internet Listen your Private Conversations

Like a lot of teenagers, Aanya Nigam reflexively shares her whereabouts, activities and thoughts on Twitter, Instagram and other social networks without a qualm.But Aanya’s care-free attitude dissolved into paranoia a few months ago shortly after her mother bought Amazon’s Echo, a digital assistant that can be set up in a home or office to listen […]

NSA mass phone surveillance revealed by Edward Snowden ruled illegal

  Collection of millions of Americans’ phone records is ruled unlawful Landmark decision by appeals court clears way for full challenge against NSA              The US court of appeals has ruled that the bulk collection of telephone metadata is unlawful, in a landmark decision that clears the way for a […]

German spies curb Internet snooping for US NSA: Media

BERLIN: Germany has halted its internet surveillance for the US National Security Agency (NSA) in response to a row over the BND intelligence agency’s cooperation with Washington, German media reported on Thursday. Allegations that the BND has helped the NSA spy on European officials and firms has put strains on Angela Merkel’s governing coalition with […]

Wikipedia Sues NSA for Mass Internet Surveillance

Wikipedia is suing the NSA over surveillance programs that involve tapping internet traffic en masse from communications infrastructure in the U.S. in order to search it for intelligence purposes. The lawsuit argues that this broad surveillance, revealed in documents leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, violates the First Amendment by chilling speech and the […]

Tribunal says UK spies’ Internet surveillance was unlawful

U.K. spies acted illegally when they scooped up data about Britons’ electronic communications gathered by the U.S. National Security Agency, a court ruled Friday in a landmark judgment against Britain’s security services. But the judges said now that details of the practices are known, they are within the law. Britain’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal, which deals […]