Level3 suffering major outages; effects are felt worldwide

  You may wonder what Level3 is, but it is a major backbone of the Internet based in the US. Many services and even ISPs rely on it to ensure major parts of the world are connected; in fact everything from Yahoo Mail, PSN, Xbox Live, Outlook, BT, Twitch, HBO Go, Craigslist, and other networks […]

The mysterious internet mishap that sent data for the UK’s nuclear program to Ukraine

The information superhighway got diverted last week when a Ukrainian internet service provider hijacked routes used by data heading for websites in the United Kingdom, according to a company that monitors and optimizes internet performance. The action could be a mere glitch—or something more sinister in an era of geopolitical cyber conflicts. The issue at […]

Wireless Broadband – Experience the Difference

The science and technologies are very much helpful in our modern life style. Today we like every thing that can be give us comfort, reliability and make our work better. In the internet and computer many new events and discoveries are taking place. The internet is the name of such technology that is helps us […]

Broadband over the last year

With another year over, we look back at the events and revelations within broadband over the last year, and look to 2012 to see what we might be looking forward to in the industry. In rural areas, the announcement of broadband funding to provide a basic level of broadband in some areas, as well as […]