Southwest Ranches True Business-Class Internet and VoIP Services Service Provider

Sling Broadband’s Network provides reliability, high-performance and security. Sling’s customers receive true business-class service that is fast, reliable, secure, easily scalable, and cost-effective. Your data and voice communications are transmitted over our wholly-owned network, maintaining your vital links with customers and suppliers. Metro Ethernet in Southwest Ranches Why put up with the bottleneck of hard-wired […]

West Park Broadband Internet and VoIP

Metro Ethernet—the future of Internet service is here! Instead of making your data crawl through crowded hard-wired networks, let it fly! Sling Broadband’s Metro Ethernet transmits data at warp speed between fixed-wireless antennas, eliminating the “traffic jam” of traditional wired networks. Sling’s wholly-owned network provides last mile connections; so there is never a local-loop charge. […]