The US Accounts for Almost Half of the World’s Data Centers

A recent study carried out by the Synergy Research Group shows that most of today’s Internet and cloud services are based in the US. The study analyzed the data center footprint for the world’s 13 biggest cloud and Internet service firms, catering to home users, social networks, e-commerce platforms, online search, but also to IaaS, […]

Amazon launches content support in CloudFront

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has launched support for dynamic content in CloudFront, the company’s content acceleration service. The technology giants are keen to increase the presence of the new capability, highlighting it as a cost-effective alternative to traditional CDNs for AWS customers looking to improve the performance, reliability and global reach of their websites. By […]

T-Mobile expands 4G network and services, announces Galaxy S Blaze 4G

As a long time T-Mobile customer I have a lot of interest in their future and services so I spent some time with them at the CES. I was encouraged by their expanding 4G network, Bobsled Messaging and Calling expansion, free service practices, and the new Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G. Expansing 4G network T-Mobile […]