Microsoft: Google bypassed IE privacy settings too

In the wake of reports that Google had sidestepped privacy settings in Apple’s Safari browser, Microsoft announced today it had discovered that the Web giant had done the same with Internet Explorer. whilen the IE staff heard that Google had bypassed user privateness settings on Safari, we asked ourselves a easy query: is Google circumventing […]

Mozilla’s plan for 2012: Break the ecosystem lock

Mozilla is best known as the developer of Firefox, but it’s reaching well beyond the browser with a 2012 strategy that strives to use the open Web to counteract ecosystem lock-in. Firefox embodied Mozilla’s attempt to counter the damage that Microsoft’s browser dominance caused on the internet. however now, as found out in Mozilla 2012 […]

Three years on, Chrome at last arrives on Android

Google today released a beta version of its Chrome browser for Android, a momentous step that marries two of Google’s most important programming projects. The new browser, unlike the stock Android browser, is available in the Android Market so that people don’t have to wait for handset makers to offer it through an operating system […]