Adobe to Linux users: Get Chrome or forget Flash

Adobe today said that it would stop offering direct downloads of Flash Player for Linux, telling users to move to Google’s Chrome browser, which bundles Flash with its updates. Today’s demotion of Flash participant on Linux to Chrome-simplest was once the second time in the last three months that Adobe has withdrawn some or all […]

Mozilla’s plan for 2012: Break the ecosystem lock

Mozilla is best known as the developer of Firefox, but it’s reaching well beyond the browser with a 2012 strategy that strives to use the open Web to counteract ecosystem lock-in. Firefox embodied Mozilla’s attempt to counter the damage that Microsoft’s browser dominance caused on the internet. however now, as found out in Mozilla 2012 […]

Mozilla preps the Web to push

While reaching out to supporters through probably the most latest high-tech means, President Obama extended his social media enjoy via retaining a Google+ video chat room interview on Monday afternoon. In an election year, it’s most certainly no longer good politics to talk about what you sit up for doing after it slow within the […]