iPad Mini is a big threat for some tablets.

Apple’s introduction of the iPad Mini this week generated two lines of thinking about competition in the tablet space. The first, articulated by some analysts, holds that lower-cost tablets have nothing to worry about. Reuters collected their comments in an article giving shape to their general lack of concern. The reason? The entry-level Mini’s $329 […]

Microsoft confirms Windows 8’s October launch date

Microsoft has revealed that Windows 8 will be released on 26 October. The declaration was made at the firm’s annual sales meeting and was published on its blog shortly after. The firm has described the update as the most important redesign of its interface in more than a decade. The announcement was made a day […]

Google unveils Nexus tablet made by Asus and Project Glass pre-orders

The device is made by the Taiwanese company Asus rather than the firm’s own Motorola hardware unit. It runs the new Jelly Bean version of Android. An 8GB version will be sold for $199 (£127) from mid-July pitching it directly against Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The firm also showed off its internet-connected augmented reality glasses revealing […]

Can Microsoft make Windows 8 the mobile OS?

It may seem odd that Microsoft executives are traveling all the way to Barcelona, Spain, to debut the beta version of the upcoming Windows 8 operating system at a mobile device show. But Microsoft, which has launched drugs and mobile phones lengthy prior to competitors simplest to see others dominate the ones businesses, is hoping […]

We must ‘double down’ on tablets, win the market – Android chief

Android is far behind Apple’s iPad in total units sold, but Andy Rubin says 2012 could be the year where that changes. Speaking today at cellular global Congress in Barcleona, Google’s Android leader said that customers have activated 12 million Android-primarily based tablets to this point. in keeping with The Verge, which first reported on […]

Samsung’s Q4 profit rides high on Galaxy smartphones

Samsung Electronics reigned supreme among Android vendors in the fourth quarter, as its successful smartphone business helped drive an uptick in the company’s fourth-quarter profit. The Korean consumer electronics giant today reported a profit of 4 trillion Korean won, or $3.56 billion, up 8.5 percent from a year-earlier profit of 3.42 trillion Korean won. The […]