Stay Safe & When to Contact Us

Broadband Recovery Protocol

Natural disasters can strike at any time, creating chaos and can disrupt the infrastructure of even the most highly-developed telecommunications networks. Sling Broadband is committed to providing customers with fully functional high-speed  telecommunications networks, which are of optimal priority following a disaster.

In order to restore broadband service as soon as possible following a natural disaster, such as the possibly of hurricane Erika, we have an active Broadband Recovery Protocol team (BRP) of highly trained technicians, engineers, and network coordinators that are on call 24×7. If any network outages are reported, we are immediately notified via our state-of-the-art internal alert system, our BRP team is alerted and deployed if the issue cannot be resolved through our standard network  recovery protocol.

In order to best serve our customers, Sling Broadband has created a protocol of what to do in case your residential or business internet becomes unavailable during a natural disaster. Please note that following the instructions we will be able to best serve you during a time of high calls and ticket submission. We will keep all of our customers updated of major outage statuses via our website by clicking here, or visiting our social media sites by clicking below. We will also email these updates to all of our customers.

Before the Storm

Before we begin to direct you in the best way to recover your broadband services in case of an outage, we would like you to have access to the knowledge of creating a safety plan in case you haven’t already done so.

1. You can visit to learn how to keep your family safe in the event of a disaster.

2. Stay informed by listening to radio and TV bulletins. Below are some helpful links to also guide you.

3. Use the links below to stay informed of the storm:

National Weather Service:

National Hurricane Center:

American Red Cross:

The Weather Channel:

When To Contact Us

After a storm, our broadband network will alert us to any areas affected by a system outage. However, there are times when you might need to report service interruptions. Please see below for examples.

NO:   If you do not have local power.

Your High Speed Internet and Voice services depend on electrical power, we are already aware of the outage.

NO:  If you have local power but no one in your area has internet.  

We are already informed of the outage and working to repair any network that is down.

YES:  If you have electrical power and no internet service but other businesses/homes in your area have internet.

In this situation, restoring the potentially damaged equipment and/or cables may require additional technical support.

Contact Us:


Email:      [email protected]

Phone:     Toll free: 1-866-617-5464

                  Broward: 954-302-3891

Please note that one electrical power is restored in your area, only then can our broadband reinstatement protocol team be deployed to the tower location, as our services require power. Also keep in mind , that until  the tower sites  are up and running ,  individual appointments  will be postponed. Submitting any ticket during times of major outages may be subject to a delay in response due to high volume of calls and ticket submissions. We will proactively send out updates via email, our website, and our social media sites to inform you of the estimated time that the services will be reinstated in your area.