Ok so we aren’t talking bout Internet today, but hey, we all need to have some fun outside of business hours. Why not try a trampoline fitness class?

Jumping on a trampoline isn’t just for kids anymore. OK, so jumping on a trampoline was never just for kids. But at Sky Zone Miami (5450 NW 82nd Ave., Doral), which is basically a warehouse lined floor to ceiling with a rubber sea of trampolines, there are all kinds of events and classes that make trampoline jumping seem like a legitimate adult activity. The place that gave you fantastic-sounding activities like SkyJam and Jumpalooza now offers SkyRobics, a fitness class that incorporates the age-old game of popcorn with strength, conditioning, and calorie-blasting. SkyRobics combines advanced calisthenics, core exercises, and strength-building aerobics to help you burn up to 1,000 calories an hour. And this is all done while you’re jumping on a giant trampoline.