Microsoft nowadays launched so-called “Fix It” software so as to protect home windows customers from a vital internet Explorer hole being exploited in attacks until the company releases a cumulative replace for IE on Friday.

The Fix It tool “is an easy, one-click solution that will help protect your computer right away. It will not affect your ability to browse the Web, and it does not require a reboot of your computer,” Yunsun Wee, Trustworthy Computer Director at Microsoft, said in a blog post. “This will not handiest enhance the issue that the restoration It addressed, but cover different issues as smartly,” including 4 different vital far flung code execution issues.

The issue is so severe that the German government and security experts have been advising people to avoid using IE until the hole is patched.

The larger IE update, which has a severity rating of “critical,” will be released Friday as close to 10 a.m. PT as possible.

Uncovered this past weekend, the safety hole may just compromise the pcs of IE users who discuss with a malicious web site. The flaw is being actively exploited to ship a back-door Trojan known as “Poison Ivy.”