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The future of communications has arrived in Aventura!

In response to enormous demand from area business consumers, Sling Broadband is expanding its high-speed Broadband Internet service into Aventura. Sling Broadband is one of the nation’s largest Internet service providers, consistently ranked as one of the top ten networks in North America. We provide service to over 30 major markets and interconnect with over 2,200 other networks across North America.

Sling Broadband is an industry-leading, privately held, internet service supplier based in Florida. In 2006, Sling Broadband started building of its leading edge community optimized for information transmission and since then has dynamically increased to grow to be one of the crucial greatest vendors of data site visitors in North the united states, offering businesses around the globe with a competent data network and exceptional service.

Aventura Metro Ethernet, Why walk when you can fly!

Just as an plane flies over a crowded freeway, Sling Broadband’s award-profitable Metro Ethernet community keep away froms the “site visitors jams” of hard-stressed out communitys to flow knowledge, voice and internet services to shoppers through the air at warp-velocity with outstanding simplicity and reliability.Sling Broadband’s network grants broadband internet through fixed-wireless antennas that ship and receive indications across Miami seashore. this allows us to supply blistering fast data velocity with wonderful levels of reliability, interested in a value less than traditional fiber optic based metro ethernet services and products. And, on the grounds that Sling Broadband’s data network is independent of telephone corporate communitys, you steer clear of paying exorbitant native-loop fees.Sling Broadband’s network provides larger service flexibility whilst concurrently reducing prices, as in comparison to sporting an similar bandwidth on traditional networks. as well as, our community allows you to upgrade and building up paces simply and acquire exactly the bandwidth you want.

Why Sling Broadband’s service in Aventura Different?
• Our costs are the lowest in the industry
• Our systems offer outstanding data security
• Our network is guaranteed to be 99.999% reliable
• Our network structure offers flexibility as your business grows
• No introductory rate bait-and-switch pricing gimmicks or local loop charges
• No usage fees on data … EVER!

Award-Winning Broadband Network is built for performance, reliability and security.

Sling Broadband understands that keeping you connected with your vendors, suppliers and customers is critical to your success. Sling’s top-velocity information and web voice services trip safely by means of our private network, making sure that Sling Broadband customers are receiving true, trade-magnificence service that is value-effective, secure, scalable and remarkably reliable.

Dedicated Broadband Internet Access in Aventura

If your corporation has extensive bandwidth wishes corresponding to far flung workers, multiple locations, huge document uploads or applications that rely on unswerving web carrier, our Sling endeavor dedicated web get entry to is for you. There’s no higher price than Sling enterprise assured!

Unlimited Business VOIP Telephone Service in Aventura

Next to email, the telephone is one of the most important tools for business communications. Sling digital Voice is a complicated internet phone provider that provides crystal-transparent, unlimited united states of america calling along with your Sling Broadband internet connection and present business phone. Pay for simply the lines you want and everything else is incorporated—no hidden charges. One value for limitless inbound and outbound calling in the continental united states with trade features built-in.

Aventura Managed PBX, Get Ready to Love Your Telephone System

Sling Broadband’s Managed PBX service is a better, simpler, more affordable business telephone system, offering the features of a top-of-the-line business phone system with minimal up-front cost and no long-term financial contract. Pay for as many users as you need at one low per-line rate and everything else is included. No up-charges. No upload-ons. One worth for limitless inbound and outbound calling within the continental united states with advanced trade features built-in.

Sling Broadband is thankful for the passion and give a boost to displayn us by the group of Miami seaside. touch us nowadays for a unfastened, no-risk 30-day trial run of Sling Broadband products and services, let us display you how you’ll have higher, sooner internet information and voice provider at a cheaper price.

Aventura is a planned, suburban city located in northeastern Miami-Dade County, Florida. The city name is from the Spanish word for adventure, and was named Aventura after one of the developers of the authentic group ofrentals within the space remarked to the others, What an adventure this is going to be. The name predates the well-known mall (Aventura Mall) constructed close to the condo tendencies. according to the us Census estimates of 2010, town had a population of 35,762. Aventura started its developement throughout the early 1970s. the world was once first of all referred to as Turnberry. Aventura changed into an included city in 1995. The Aventura Police department used to be formed in 1997. Aventura is house to the luxury hotel Turnberry Isle wright here the yacht Monkey trade, was once docked right through the Gary Hart/Donna Rice incident which contributed to Hart finishing his 1988 bid for presidency. The Aventura Mall could also be located here, it’s the fifth biggest shopping mall in the U.S.. In early 2001, Former President bill Clinton added one among his first speeches after leaving the White house at Aventura-Turnberry Jewish Center