Happy-Thanksgiving Slingonians


It is almost that time again. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we are all hurrying to get to our families for this special day. Thanksgiving was originated to give thanks for the harvest from the preceding year, and its safe to assume most of us know that. However, we are not the only cultures that give thanks to that which fills our bellies every year. People all around the world celebrate and give thanks at different times for their blessings. As we have progressed in technology over time in the United States, most of us have the honor of filling our bellies without too much thought to who harvests our crops on a daily basis or how fruitful their seasons were. As we have progressed in modern life, we have added many other things that we are grateful for to our conversations during Thanksgiving Day.

So in addition to thanking the farmers of our country and our personal blessings, Sling Broadband would like to take a chance to thank our customers for choosing us for their broadband needs. We are honored to serve your businesses and your homes with a connection to the things you appreciate most, and the work you do to fill your families’ bellies. We give thanks to the innovation of Internet services that have allowed Americans in this prosperous country the access to the World Wide Web,  flourish through this fruitful invention.

Happy Thanksgiving Slingonians!