These days when you get into your car, you probably take an extra step that maybe a few years ago you didn’t: typing your destination in your GPS system.

Many of us in South Florida would be lost without the step-by-step directions, but sometimes our GPS’s can send us the wrong way.

It happened to Carlos Ramos when he was traveling a bit further than what his GPS was used to.
“I put in the address and sure enough I am driving to it and when I get there I cannot find the law office,” said Ramos. He ended up at a church, 13 miles south of the law office he had intended to drive to.
“Like 10 minutes before I called them to verify the address,” said Ramos. “I entered it again and I was right there, it kept telling me I was right there.”

GPS systems obtain indications from a network of satellites and with a mix of floor equipment, it tells drivers where they’re and the way to get to the place they’re going. depending at the fashion, they are up to date each and every few months to approximately once a year, so if new roads are introduced or development work is lively in among the updates, drivers might finally end up getting lost. dangerous satellite tv for pc signals too can play a role and in cars there’s the problem of out of date techniques.

“The software or the copyright on the disc is a year older or more than when the vehicle arrives at the dealership,” says Mike Chang, Director of Services and parts at Acura of Pembroke Pines.

GPS systems don’t always match the year of the car.

NBC Miami looked at the GPS copyright date on a 2007 Acura and saw it contained a 2006 GPS system.

“The manufacturer has to order those items from the vendors, they usually order about six to nine months ahead and the built time and the shipping time for the new vehicle to the dealership is usually about 15 to 30 days so that gives you about a year time frame of the older version in the vehicle,” says Chang.

If in case you have a navigation machine in your automotive, pop out the DVD regularly located within the trunk or below the driver or passenger seat.

Take a look at the 12 months revealed next to the model number. if you have a more recent automobile you will have to take it into the dealer.

“The newer versions are the hard disc drives those are little bit more complicated we would need scan two and things like that to update the software,” says Chang.

If your navigation system uses Google, those maps are constantly updating.

Apple devices have several apps you can download that are equivalent to the mounted GPS systems. Garmin navigation systems can just over $one hundred up to a few hundred bucks, however the Garmin u.s. app can also be purchased for $39.99.

The TomTom navigation app offering HD visitors can also be bought for $49.99. Navigon’s best possible rated GPS app can also be purchased for $fifty nine.ninety nine and Magellan RoadMate may also be purchased for $39.ninety nine you’ll be able to talk over with Garmin, TomTom, Navigon and Magellan’s internet sites to find out more about the apps offered for your telephones.