The mobile app analytics company aims sky-high and launches its new cloud services collection — hooking it into the company’s analytics, which helps developers increase app engagement.

Venturing out of its typical terrain Flurry announced today that it is launching a collection of cloud services to “empower developers to build better apps faster.”

To accomplish this feat, the mobile app analytics company acquired the mobile startup company Trestle (it bought Trestle back in May but didn’t announce the acquisition until today). Together they worked to create the data driven app built on cloud infrastructure. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The way AppCloud aims to work is by letting developers put cloud-driven capabilities into their apps, such as user account management, scalable cloud storage, and push notifications. AppCloud will also be hooked into Flurry’s analytics, which could help developers get a better read on user behaviors and buying habits.

Several companies are now looking to attract app developers to their cloud storage. Just last week, Amazon launched its own SSD-backed rentable servers through Amazon Web Services.

Flurry AppCloud is slated to launch later in the summer and in the meantime developers can sign up for the iOS and Android beta.