The Great Recession has taken a large toll on the Florida workforce, even after the recession technically ended.

According to new numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers in Florida held 1,231 mass layoffs in 2010 that ended up with 88,776 workers filing for unemployment insurance.

While the numbers for 2010 were high, it was a decline of 42,414 firings from 2009, which was the largest decrease measured since 1996 when data was first recorded. The 2010 numbers were also down slightly from 2008.

The industries that saw the largest decrease in mass layoff from 2008 to 2010 were the administrative and waste services industry, manufacturing, and retail trade.

Still, agrictulture, forestry, fishing, and professional and technical services saw initial claims jump in 2010 and set an all-time high for jobless claims.

The BLS said California recorded the biggest jump in jobless claims in 2010, followed by New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, and Florida.