Florida’s job market won’t erase losses from the recession until 2019, when payrolls are expected to cross the 8 million threshold again, according to a forecast by Jones Lang LaSalle.

The Sunshine State currently has about 7.3 million people running, according to the latest federal labor record. That’s down nine % from the peak of simply over eight million employees hit at the end of 2006 and the beginning of 2007.

Florida’s general population enjoyed the eighth absolute best enlargement rate within the country right through the decade and keeps to turn strength in tourism and trade. however the JLL report predicts a gradual go back again to pre-recession hiring.

The report notes the state has seen job growth during the last two years, and predicts hiring to increase by about 1.6 percent a year. Only the Orlando area will see hiring grow significantly faster than the state average, with a projected 2.2 percent boost each year, the report said.