VoIP and IP telephony are becoming increasingly popular with large corporations and consumers alike.For many people, web Protocol (IP) is more than just a way to shipping information, it’s additionally a device that simplifies and streamlines a variety of trade packages. Telephony is the most obvious example. VoIP—or voice over IP—is also the foundation for extra advanced unified communications packages—together with internet and video conferencing—that can develop into the best way you do business.

Useful Terms

Understanding the terms is a first step toward learning the potential of this technology:

*VoIP refers to a way to carry phone calls over an IP data network, whether on the Internet or your own internal network. A primary attraction of VoIP is its ability to help reduce expenses because telephone calls travel over the data network rather than the phone company’s network.

*IP telephonyencompasses the whole suite of VoIP enabled services and products together with the interconnection of phones for communications; similar services and products comparable to billing and dialing plans; and basic options similar to conferencing, transfer, ahead, and grasp. these products and services may in the past were provided by means of a PBX.

*IP communicationsincludess business programs that enhance communications to permit options equivalent to unified messaging, integrated contact facilities, and rich-media conferencing with voice, information, and video.

*Unified communications takes IP communications a step further by means of the use of such technologies as session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and presence in conjunction with mobility solutions to unify and easily all forms of communications, impartial of region, time, or device.

Service Quality

Public web telephone calling makes use of the internet for connecting telephone calls, especially for customers. however so much companies are using IP telephony throughout their own controlled non-public networks because it lets them higher handle safety and repair high quality. the use of their own networks, corporations have extra control in making sure that voice quality is as good as, if no longer higher than, the services and products they might have prior to now skilled with their traditional telephone machine.