cloud service differences

A new report looks at the pluses and minuses of different cloud services, including Google Drive, Box, SugarSync, DropBox, and Apple’s iCloud.

Tons of options exist for which cloud storage service to choose from. You’ve got Google Drive, Box, SugarSync, DropBox, Apple’s iCloud, and more. A new report by tech support site FixYa, which sourced data from its 25 million users, studies which service best fits different customers’ needs.

For starters, Dropfield and box users have security considerations as well as lawsuits of lagging response time, consistent with FixYa. This isn’t a huge marvel taking into account Dropbox used to be hacked in July and loads of users had been despatched junk mail e-mails approximately on-line casinos and playing web sites. then again, customers also say they like the accessibility and robustness of these products and services.

FixYa also reports that despite positive results for Google Drive, users still complain of folders that go missing and the automatic conversion of files into Google Docs. And iCloud users seem to like that they can sync several devices but gripe about getting continuous errors when trying to upgrade to Mountain Lion.

Strangely, the least-identified corporate, SugarSync, will get the absolute best marks, according to FixYa. besides a few proceedings approximately lack of cupboard space, the largest objection amongst users isn’t any Quickbook strengthen, that’s industry accounting device.

Cloud-based file storage is becoming the expected method for file sharing these days, both on personal devices and in the workplace, FixYa CEO Yaniv Bensadon said in an emailed statement. Such answers simplify report sharing and collaboration throughout teams, which is a big boon for productivity. still, different customers have other needs, and each and every solution has its strengths and weaknesses.