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With concern about climate change rising, we all want to do our bit for the environment. At Sling Broadband, we want to do our bit too.The communications revolution that is the internet has helped connect us to the world in ways that our parents would never have dreamed possible. Unfortunately the electricity used to power that same revolution is harming the world that we will pass on to our children. Because of the amount of coal we burn in America, electricity production is our highest source of greenhouse gas emissions – the main cause of global warming. And because the internet is a virtual world it depends on electricity at every point – from the computer the website is hosted on, through the wires and exchanges the data is carried through, to your modem and PC connected to the power point at your home.

At Sling Broadband we’ve never walked away from a challenge and we know that our customers want solutions to help preserve the environment we all live in. Another first for Sling Broadband. Our Green Broadband program allows broadband customers to minimize the greenhouse impact of their internet usage. As a Green Broadband customer, Sling Broadband will plant an average of 10 native trees every year on your behalf through our exclusive enviromental partners . Not only will these trees soak up greenhouse emissions, they will also have many other positive benefits to the environment, including water retention, preventing soil erosion, and restoring biodiversity through forests.

Sling Broadband has also employed a forward thinking process to make shure we are doing our part. These changes in our businesses operations will further solidify our intentions in becoming and ECO-Friendly ISP!


Our Energy / Environment Conservation efforts:

> Paperless Billing
> Energy efficient "Energy Star" rated infrastructure equipment
> Bio-diesel fueled emergency power generators
> Solar powered emergency backup systems
> Energy efficient CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) "Modems"
> Save a Tree program will plant an average of 10 native trees every year