Reliable and Affordable Dedicated Ethernet T1 Internet Access

Reliable, Robust, and Dependable Performance T1
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If your business has intensive bandwidth needs such as remote workers, multiple locations, large file uploads or applications that rely on dependable Internet service, our Sling Enterprise Dedicated Internet Access is for you. There's no better value than Sling Enterprise guaranteed!

Business Assurance Benefits :

  • Speed and Scalability : With a range of bandwidth options available, Sling Broadband can create the customized solution to meet your business's needs
  • Reduced operating costs : The scalable capacity and enhanced operational efficiency of our wholly-owned network saves you money
  • End-to-end Service Level Agreements : Guaranteed installation times and availability
  • Fast and Simple Installation : By completely bypassing the local phone company and using multiple broadcast sites, service is often installed in 3-5 business days
  • Single point of contact : One contact for implementation and support through our wholly-owned network

Our network is designed for business, ensuring the highest performing broadband internet available today! Sling Broadband offers an unsurpassed level of quality, backed by industry-leading service guarantees. We built our business by combining an unparalleled package of communications services with exceptional attention to detail, faster installation and more attentive customer care. With one of the largest network footprints in North America, Sling Broadband gives you the cost advantages of industry-leading technologies; while delivering high-speed Internet data and voice services across your business. Unlike other Internet service providers, Sling Broadband owns their entire network and is not dependent on the local exchange carrier network of phone wires or cables, offering a faster 3-5 day installation seamlessly and securely for less.