Your data on Sling Broadband's Internet network.

It travels at warp speed through space and time, passing invisibly and untouched from connection to connection, remaining instantly accessible and yet secure. What is it?

Sling Broadband is one of the nation's largest Internet service providers, consistently ranked as one of the top ten networks in North America. We provide service to over 30 major markets and interconnect with over 2,200 other networks. Our innovative network reaches across North America with intercity connections spanning over 25,000 miles and more than 9,000 miles of metropolitan area Internet coverage.


The future of communications is here!

Sling Broadband's network uses the same technology as interplanetary space travelers, delivering broadband Internet through fixed-wireless antennas that send and receive signals across the vast reaches of the universe. There are no wires or cables that could be damaged and interrupt your service, nor do we have the cost of maintaining vast networks of cabling.

This allows us to offer blistering fast data speed with amazing levels of reliability, all for a price less than traditional cable and phone line-based Internet services. And, since Sling Broadband's data network is independent of telephone and cable television company networks, you avoid paying exorbitant local-loop charges.


Why Sling Broadband is Different :

> Our prices are the lowest in the industry

> Our systems offer outstanding data security

> Our network is guaranteed to be 99.999% reliable

> Our network structure offers flexibility as your business grows

> No introductory rate bait-and-switch pricing gimmicks

> No local loop charges


Sling Broadband's History

Sling Broadband, LLC is an industry-leading, privately held, Internet Service Provider based in Florida. In 2006, Sling Broadband began construction of an innovative network optimized for data traffic and launched service in two initial markets. That same year, major telecommunication companies announced for the first time ever that global networks carried more data traffic than voice traffic. Sling Broadband was perfectly positioned to step into this growing market.

Through acquisition of existing Internet service provider networks and their customer relationships, Sling Broadband dynamically expanded to become a top ten national service provider in over 30 major markets. Today we are one of the largest carriers of data traffic in North America, providing businesses worldwide with a reliable data network and outstanding service.