Broadband, TV and Phone Service for Gated and MDU Properties

Enjoy fast Internet, an impressive lineup of HD channels and reliable phone service.
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Give your residents the opportunity to enjoy the ultimate TV and Broadband experience With Sling Broadband's solution for multifamily properties, your residents can get the ultimate broadband experience in their apartment or condo via a centralized system. Enjoy programming that meets the needs of your property, including bulk options, which allow you to offer Sling Broadband at a reduced group rate.

Sling Broadband FiMAX Advantage™

  • A simple and cost-effective IP-delivered solution that supports HD-TV, broadband and voice services.
  • Uses IP-based technology, and the building's existing CAT5, CAT3, coax and fiber-optic wiring
  • Capable of delivering terrestrial TV broadcast signals, voice, and broadband data
  • Local Content Insertion feature provides property owners with a flexible, simple way to deliver local content tailored to residence needs
  • Remote Network Monitoring: entire system can be monitored over secure VPN connection to ensure smooth operation
  • Ideal for pre-wired Ethernet network properties
  • Supports more than 1,000 subscribers per system, with additional scalability to be added in future releases
  • Download this PDF to learn more about Sling Broadband's FiMAX Advantage™ solution.

America's #1 FiberOPTIC service beats cable w/ the most HD channels, more sports & the best customer satisfaction!

Get FiMAX TV in your apartment. It's easy!

Subscribe to top-rated entertainment, with over 285 channels, including local programming and over 170 channels available in HD.* Plus, with Sling Broadband you can enjoy exclusive sports packages, music and international channels coupled with the fastest broadband service available!.

FiMAX Ultra High-Speed Broadband

When every second counts, you can count on America's fastest, most reliable and most consistent Internet. Uploading your pics, streaming TV channels, gaming and downloading all happens in record breaking time with FiMAX internet. And faster than cable. That’s what you get with FiMAX Internet more speed, more capacity, more power than anything around.So go ahead and push your devices to their limits and never skip a beat.

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Digital Telephone Service Just $20/mo !

Order FiMAX Voice and get crystal-clear, unlimited U.S. calling with your Sling Broadband Internet connection and existing phone. Unlike the phone company, Our advanced calling features aren't just designed to be powerful. They're designed to be simple. So you can quickly and easily integrate them into your daily routine.

Sling Broadband Authorized MDU Dealer Program

Become an Authorized MDU Dealer

Sling Broadband MDU dealers are an essential part of serving our customers in Multiple-Dwelling Unit (MDU) residential buildings and communities. Sling Broadband is committed to its dealer base, with dedicated resources focused exclusively on reaching and supporting the MDU market. New proprietary technology developed specifically for this market makes the Sling Broadband® experience available to residents of MDUs today.

If you'd like to become an Authorized MDU dealer, please fill out the information below: